There Is More Than You Can See

There is More Than You Can See is a series of multimedia works inspired by ecological and animal husbandry lessons.

In 2015, Eva took responsibility for maintaining a forest of over 200 acres in Carinthia, Austria (part of the Alps mountains). To take care of the area with the utmost integrity, she studied both traditional ecological knowledge by becoming a jägerin* and scientific discoveries at the forefront of modern research. Her findings informed her most recent series, There is More Than You Can See. The materiality of concrete and plastic under paint not only give the paintings a sculptural quality; they also point to the idea that we as humanity must integrate ourselves with our environment wisely instead of drawing distinct boundaries between the synthetic and the natural. As the series title suggests, the paintings’ subjects can teach the viewers something they might not have known--which could help them, too, take responsibility for their own (and shared) space in the world.


*a jägerin is a female huntress. Traditionally, land in this region of the Alps is managed by a highly trained hunter who is responsible for maintaining ecological balance and health of the animals and flora/fauna of the forest. 

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