LIGHTpainting is an avantgarde combination of painting, dance, and music. Eva uses light instead of paint, a grip pen instead of a brush, to make visuals which are projected onto the stage. Her work is created in the moment for the moment, without using any pre-produced material. LIGHTpainting highlights the connections between the many forms of sensory experience. Eva performs with outstanding musicians from differing back-grounds - classical, jazz, new music - and with renowned dancers throughout Europe and the United States. The collaborative improvisation is unique for a fine artist. She developed the concept with influence from the Dutch masters of the 17th century. Johannes Vermeer knew that with the first stroke of the brush, a painting is ready and readable in its entirety. Similarly, Eva’s spontaneous, projected brushstrokes constitute a finished work at each moment of the performance. LIGHTpainting transforms traditional understandings of fine art and takes it to an entirely new level.



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