About Eva Flatscher

Artist. A partner in love and a loving mother. A global citizen from Vienna. A nomad with roots. A curious student of science, culture, philosophy. A follower in faith and a leader in willpower. A Jägerin.* A caretaker of those around her, surrounded by diversity - from remote forests to bustling cities, with friends from all walks of life. An unabashedly passionate person. 


Why limit yourself? Eva Flatscher certainly doesn’t, & that’s why neither her artwork nor her identity could be compartmentalized for a simple explanation. All of the above influences intersect in her work through a multiplicity of mediums. Synergy makes her art transcendent. Eva’s hypersensitive observations allow her to create work at high quality which at once critiques sociopolitical conditions and honors all living beings with lightness and joy.


Eva was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. She studied Art HIstory in Salzburg and Fine Arts in Vienna before heading to New York City. She spent formative years at the Art Students League. After returning to Austria and completing her studies at the Art School of Vienna, she exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions internationally.


*a jägerin is a female huntress. Traditionally, land in this region of the Alps is managed by a highly trained hunter who is responsible for maintaining ecological balance and health of the animals and flora/fauna of the forest.