Michael Birkmeyer

"I learned about Eva Flatscher's art in 2004, when I was Artistic Director of the Festival Hall, St. Pölten, in Austria. I was in dance all my life and grew under the guidance of the best of the business. The fabulous Rudolf Nurejew was my great mentor. After having danced at the highest level at the Vienna State Opera and the great Opera Houses the globe, I had the honor to lead one of the finest dance companies in St. Pölten, Austria for three wonderful years. Eva's work impressed me enormously, as her art makes music visible. It was so unique and new and an exciting prospect. I worked hard to bring the extraordinary work of Eva and modern ballet together, and failed - not for artistic but for financial reasons. We ran out of funding. But we were lucky and managed to arrange a breathtaking evening with the phenomenal musician Eivind Aarset and Eva Flatscher at the Festival Hall. It was an overwhelming spectacle and a smashing success. Eva Flatscher is a great pioneer of art and I considered myself lucky to have worked with her."

Michael Birkmeyer: Solo Dancer and Director of the School of Ballet at the Vienna State Opera, Austria, and  
Artistic Director of the Festival Hall St. Pölten, Austria. Birkmeyer is considered one of the great disciples of Rudolf Nurejew.