Carey Wallace

"After seeing your show last night, I just wanted to write to thank you for you work and share how it had touched me. First of all, I thought that what you do is actually much closer to what God does than most art, which is about capturing a moment of some kind: on film, in words, or in paint. Yours is more like Gods in that it's active and ever changing. I also felt like I learned a lot of lessons about both life and art watching your performance. It was very difficult for me to watch you create something beautiful and then watch you begin to change the beautiful thing you had just made into something else, but as I watched longer, I began to trust that you were going to make something equally beautiful, even though I had to let go of the thing you had made before in order to see the new thing. For me this was a very beautiful illustration of both how we have to let go of one thing to reach the next both in art and in life, and also a lesson about how we have to trust God to keep making beautiful things of us in both our art and our lives. It was very moving for me."

Carey Wallace after having seen Eva Flatscher's performance at the Tribecca Art Center at the IAM-Conference, 2008.