Homunculus: Wiener Küche


"It was a great pleasure to work with Eva Flatscher and expe-
rience, what happens when contemporary dance meets Light
Painting! It was an intense, exciting experience and rehearsals  
were extremely productive, which is not to say, that they were  
without artistic controversy as we worked to bring »Wiener Kü-
che« on stage. We had quite different artistic points of view, but  
the clash of cultures transformed into a new quality. When dif-
ferent art forms meet and express themselves at an equal level,  
something extraordinary happens. Eva Flatscher's art and her  
ability to sensually interpret dance put an additional layer on the  
choreography Manfred Aichinger and I developed. She did not  
overpaint but add, support, contrast and elevate. »Wiener Kü-
che« gained an extra level as an sensual experience.
Testimonial: Homunculus"
Nikolaus Selimov, Choreographer:
2006 Eva Flatscher and Nikolaus Selimov cooperated in the  
dance project. »Wiener Küche« Selimov was the director of  
the Homunuculus theater, he is curator of te dance festival:  
»Austria dances«

Homunculus Wiener Küche